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First, we are very grateful for your trust in our company, and we always look forward to growing our network of relationships and accommodating as many individuals, companies, entrepreneurs, institutions, governments and quasi-government entities, civil and charitable organizations both inside and outside Saudi Arabia, as we can. Our company is distinguished from other law firms within Saudi Arabia by its unique qualities which we are proud to share with you on this website. The most prominent of these qualities is the combined experience of three partners with many years of professional legal experience. Each partner has made many accomplishments in his own right before the three came together to establish this company, which is 100% Saudi, with a clear vision of our goal, which is to serve our clients by ensuring that they are given full focus by the company’s partners and lawyers. We also take advantage of the vitality and youth of our partners and their associates by interacting with our clients in every possible way through modern technology. This is a unique model and not a common practice among law firms in Saudi Arabia. Our company uses various advanced technologies to communicate with its clients to ensure they receive the highest quality of services. Our company aims to be polarized for all social groups and to provide everything it has to achieve the goals of its clients. The breadth and depth of experience at Makki, Hijazi, and Alsawwaf Law Firm extend to several fine disciplines. The multiplicity of its partners and the diversity of its teams enable the firm to provide many legal services in several legal fields within Saudi Arabia, described below.

Islamic Law (Sharia Law)
Civil, commercial, criminal, labor, and administrative courts in Saudi Arabia combine modern laws and regulations with Islamic law. As these courts are administered by judges who are specialized in Islamic law, it is necessary for individuals, companies, and other entities to retain the counsel of lawyers who is equally well versed in Islamic law. In cases heard in Sharia courts where the judges do not find the legal evidence that is convincing for their analysis leading to their decisive decisions, the judges will resort to traditional Islamic jurisprudence based on a methodology used by specialists in Islamic law. For that reason, it is recommended to hire lawyers who are specialized in Islamic law to ensure that clients receive the best representation and optimal results before the Sharia courts in Saudi Arabia. Our company is distinguished by the presence of specialists in Islamic law who are able to write Sharia legal reasoning that contributes to the optimal service of their clients. Our lawyers who are specialized in Islamic law can also help international companies, which are licensed in Saudi Arabia, to understand Sharia laws while also clarifying the differences between Saudi laws and other international laws. Moreover, our firm is able to formulate contracts in accordance with Saudi regulations and Islamic law while at the same time ensure the preservation of our clients’ rights before Sharia courts.
Commercial Law
Our services in commercial law include pleading before commercial courts, arbitration committees, or judicial committees, reviewing and drafting commercial contracts, examining our client company’s legal status within Saudi Arabia, the extent to which agreements, contracts, and other legal documents are compatible with the client company’s objectives, Saudi laws, and Islamic law, as well as reviewing pre-contract agreements such as nondisclosure agreements, letters of intent, legal due diligence, etc. Our services also extend to legal advice on the future decisions and plans of our clients. We study the compatibility of our clients’ decisions with Saudi regulations and Islamic Law. We prepare, review, and/or vet trademark registrations, patents, copyright, and commercial contracts with third parties such as individuals, government and private companies, commercial agencies, documents related to the establishment of company branches, and other legal matters requiring the knowledge and experience in Saudi law and Islamic law.
Civil Law
Saudi civil law for non-specialists in Saudi law and Islamic law is one of the most difficult legal areas to navigate within Saudi Arabia because the Saudi legal system does not include a civil law drafted in legal articles, therefore the judges in civil courts in Saudi Arabia often rely on traditional Islamic jurisprudence to derive their opinions on Islamic law to rule on the civil cases before them. For this reason, it is important to leverage the expertise of lawyers who are well versed in both Saudi law and Islamic law to ensure the best possible outcome before the civil courts in Saudi Arabia which hear cases such as civil contracts, real estate cases within Saudi Arabia, and collection of funds within Saudi Arabia, recovery of the possession of documents, among other civil cases requiring the expertise and knowledge of Saudi law and Islamic law. In this regard, our firm has lawyers who are specialized and experienced in practicing in these areas.
IT Law
The Saudi legislator has not issued a law specific to IT laws. However, a decent knowledge of Islamic law and other commercial laws can formulate a sales or subscription contract for IT services and guarantee the rights of companies. For example, the commercial Sharia courts in Saudi Arabia may not distinguish source code, software license, data return, protect data, or Escrow Agreements. However, by making good use of the Sharia terminology that traditional sources use in Islamic law, the value can be added to all elements of IT contracts. Moreover, the contracts must be translated into Arabic, and be a very accurate translation that guarantees the rights of the contracting parties for IT contracts, which will make it recognized by Saudi courts eventually. Therefore, our company specializes in IT law to be the first law firm in Saudi Arabia to provide legal services in IT law. The key feature of our company is the combination of Sharia law, secular law, and the English language. These elements are difficult to meet in a law firm in Saudi Arabia, adding to the vitality and youth of the partners and their desire to learn and pay attention to the details.
Labor Law
Saudi labor law has its own nature that differs significantly from other Saudi laws. The treatment of the provisions of the labor law was literally with the appeal of the decisions of the Judicial Committee of the Ministry of Labor, however, in 2019, the labor courts were subsumed under the umbrella of Sharia courts in Saudi Arabia. Consequently, the judges in these courts became specialists in Islamic law, and many new features appeared in the labor courts. These changes are understood to specialists in Islamic law specifically because the current approach of the judges is to fill in any gaps in the Saudi labor law by relying on Islamic law, which is similar to the rest of the Sharia courts in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, our company provides our clients with legal advice and guidelines that comply with both Saudi labor law and Islamic law to ensure that our clients have the best results to practice their rights before the new Sharia labor courts in Saudi Arabia. Our company also provides other services such as the investigation of company employee contracts to ensure that their employment is approved under Saudi labor law, and the review of the decisions of company human resources departments to ensure that they comply with Saudi laws and avoid any potential losses to individuals and companies that would be incurred by non-compliance and subsequent hearings before the labor courts.
Criminal Law
Criminal laws in Saudi Arabia rely heavily on Islamic law, but there are various law articles that the Saudi legislator can create to ensure justice among litigants in Saudi Arabia. Our company is
constantly reviewing the new regulations and keeping its clients informed with up-to-date developments in the criminal laws in Saudi Arabia. Our company provides the service of regular representation before the controls and investigators of the criminal courts within Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi Bankruptcy Law was fully updated in 2018 with many new features that may be problematic for companies in whose interests it would be to appoint a licensed bankruptcy lawyer in Saudi Arabia. Our company provides services related to bankruptcy proceedings within Saudi Arabia, and/or represents individuals or entities before these committees to claim the rights of our clients from bankrupt companies.
Many commercial contracts are concluded to end disputes through arbitration, and Saudi Arabia gives commercial and civil arbitration great importance. Arbitration decisions, whether domestic or international, are effective within Saudi Arabia, so our company provides services related to both commercial and civil arbitration through appointing a working group as a weighted arbitrator, representing individuals and entities before the arbitration committees, submitting objections to the official authorities to overturn the arbitrators’ rulings, or implementing the arbitrators’ judgments within Saudi Arabia.
Negotiations and Reconciliation
One of the most important services provided by our firm is the representation of others in trade negotiations or the agreement on reconciliation between individuals and entities. The ability to negotiate lies in understanding the legal position of the representative in front of others. Seeking to agree on the best formulation of commercial and civil contracts begins with our role in negotiating after the conclusion of technical and logistical matters in commercial, civil and other contracts. The goal of the negotiation is the optimal formulation for the preservation of the rights of the contracting parties, and representation of others in the reconciliation is as important as the negotiation itself. Our role in negotiating reconciliation begins after the initial agreement between the parties in the form of reconciliation and the concessions accepted by the parties, and then the representatives of the reconciliation begin to formulate the reconciliation agreement optimally to guarantee the rights of the reconciled parties.
Our company cooperates significantly with start-ups and provides many services that help them start their business properly within Saudi Arabia. Our company’s services in this area include the signing of legal consulting contracts with start-ups before they begin operating their businesses within Saudi Arabia. We offer in our role a full vision of Saudi laws, propose solutions to the problems facing the company’s future plans, provide advice on the optimal formulation of contracts, the introduction of the appropriate law entity for projects whether through the opening of individual institutions or limited liability companies or other entities that ensure a smooth launch of startup businesses and away from any systemic complications that may face startup, and offer great flexibility in our contracts with startups to help them proceed with their projects without financial pressures affecting their capital.
Individual Services
Our company pays great attention to the legal services of individuals in relation to civil cases in general, and in other disciplines if necessary, including legal counseling representing others in relation to the division and liquidation of estates, personal status issues, and issues related to civil contracts such as implementation of documented leases, reviewing other civil contracts, and rendering optimal legal advice that suits individuals whether as employees, legal guardians, recipients of charitable endowments, civil servants such as hajj and raft companies, or the sale of real estate within Saudi Arabia.
Social Initiatives
Our company is committed to fulfilling its duty to Saudi society by adopting social initiatives in terms of legal awareness, providing free legal advice, or attending sessions on behalf of individuals free of charge, including assisting many Saudi women with personal status issues, providing free legal advice to community centers, initiating awareness campaigns in the areas of copyright, intellectual property, etc. These initiatives include providing practical training courses for trainee lawyers, recent graduates from Saudi universities, or international universities, and enabling them to contribute to our social initiatives and training in other services within the company.
Scientific Production
Our company seeks to contribute to the Saudi Legal Library through the publication of research and legal books that analyze or illustrate the regulations of Saudi Arabia, and describe the application of Islamic law, which the company aims to publish through traditional means (books/scientific magazines) or through modern means of communication (YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat/ etc.), in order to target the largest segment of beneficiaries both inside and outside the Kingdom. The company will be keen to have its scientific products in Arabic and English. Makki, Hijazi, and Alsawwaf are seeking to be among the largest law firms in Saudi Arabia, and in the Middle East, and we hope that through this profile you will find all the information you need about our company,  and for more information and inquiries, please do not hesitate to communicate with us through the means of communication described in this website.